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Why Do

I Need A Website?

For any size or level of business, having your own website is no longer a fancy luxury, it's a necessity. Social media isn't designed to be your business' home, and wouldn't you rather ask customers to visit 'yourbusiness.com' than relying on Google or giving them a long Facebook link?

Owning your business' website gives you your online shop-front, over which you have complete control and can use to its fullest potential.



Why Should I

Have You Build It?

You know how passionate and expert you are in your business? That's how I am with mine.


Not only do I have a variety of web design experience and skill, I also spend time making sure I'm up to date with industry practices and exciting new developments.

Whether you need a beautifully simple, single page web presence or a fully loaded e-commerce solution, I work closely with my clients to create the correct online representation for your business.

How Much

Does It Cost?

Not as much as you might think, and the costs are tailored to your individual needs.

Large initial outlays suck, so I've removed them from the way I do business.

I don't charge for the initial work I do to design, build and publish your new website.


My customers pay a monthly amount starting for as little as £10 with no minimum terms, long term contracts, or hidden fees.

Cost Effective Web Designs For Every Business

Single Page

Three Pages

The first and most important step for your online  business is taking control of your appearance.

If you only represent your business through social media, then you're missing out on controlling your online shop front and fully engaging your customers.


A simple, single page website is a great way to kick-start your business' online profile.

Three pages gives small businesses the space to make the most of their customers' visit to their site.

Maybe a video, beautiful photography or even a bold mission statement on the front page, with the room for more information on other pages.


If you need to tell more of your brands story than with one page, but want to take it slowly, this is perfect.

Social Domain

Five Pages Plus

If you're not ready to own your own website yet, at least own the name. I can link yourbusiness.com directly to your existing Facebook page, making your business look more professional to customers.

A 'yourname@yourbusiness.com' e-mail address is also available with this package.

Send your customers to 'www.yourbusiness.com' and they'll land on your Facebook page!

For larger businesses who offer a range of products, a range of services or just have a lot to say, trying to cram into a small site isn't a good idea.

Welcome your customers fully into the world of your business with a site that tells the whole story.


Need a large website rich with content from across your business? Five pages or more is what you need.

Popular Enhancements

CyberShield Protection £10pm*

Add a Bespoke CMS

If something’s wrong, in your (web) neighbourhood, you don't need to call, CyberShield takes care of it before it creates any problems.

CyberShield cross-checks your site’s source code against a huge database of internationally-known hacks, threats, malware and signatures daily.



*CyberShield Pro £10pm billed annually = £120

CyberShield Premiere £13pm billed annually = £156

Most business owners need to make changes to their websites on-the-fly, whether that's updated pictures, new text or the great new holiday promotion you've just put in the window.

Gain the power to simply update your online content from the comfort of your web browser - anywhere on the planet.


Keep your site up to date whenever you like, wherever you like using 'Joe Brewer Designs CMS For You'

SSL Security Certificate £8pm*

Add Your Store

Feeling ready to maximise your revenue by selling online? I can integrate a bespoke, self managed e-commerce solution to your site, help you get set up and teach you how to use it.

Includes industry standard encryption and 24/7 tech support.



I am currently implementing this option, making sure my e-commerce solutions are of the highest quality.

Reassure your customers and boost your Google ranking with an SSL certificate and dedicated IP


- USD $250,000 warranty

- Validates ownership

- 2,048-bit encryption

- Shows httpS:// prefix

- Shows padlock icon in browser


*SSL Certificate £8pm billed annually = £96


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About Joe Brewer Design.

Hi, my name is Joe Brewer and I've been making beautiful websites since 2012.

My experience is varied from music sites to financial consultants through online retailers and building firms.




About Joe Brewer Design.

Hi, my name is Joe Brewer and I've been making beautiful websites since 2012.